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platform ontheprom, based in Edinburgh's Portobello, has been creating bespoke websites for artists and makers, art projects, and creative small businesses, for more than 12 years. Stylish yet uncomplicated design that promotes the work and ideas of each artist or small business.

Rosy Naylor is the designer and thinker behind platform ontheprom, whose wide experience in the arts sector both as a practising artist and arts marketeer guide her design choices resulting in finely tuned sites and graphics that have the developing of an audience base at their core.

Individually designed Wordpress online shops or managed promotional sites can be created. All new commissions use responsive design to enable the site to be viewed as perfectly on mobile, or tablet as on desktop, and are designed with the principles of search engine optimisation in mind. Options are available for full integration with social media or for totally tracker-free websites that provide users with the privacy some clients wish for, either option is possible. Rosy's designs break away from the mould of formulaic design with unique hand crafted bespoke websites.

Not simply about site design, rosy also promotes the work of the artists she designs for through Arttalk at twitter.

Rosy also has seven years experience working with artist open studio events in Scotland, in 2013 first designing an iPhone and iPad navigational App, and event planning, organising one-off outdoor markets for artists and makers in Edinburgh.


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